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Your Scriptures and inspirationals  have been a blessing to us also kind words of encouragement on how to be stress free.

I truly appreciate this woman for her words of encouragement and support. She helped remind me of who I was in the eyes of God which in return strengthened my FAITH.

I never thought that a life coach was needed for a regular person like myself. I assumed that this service was for the rich. I found this website and the coach on Facebook to reach out for a session. The sessions turned out to be multiple and I am still using her assistance. Luciana has helped me get on the path to be a better me. She has helped me take control of my hectic schedule and life on a personal and professional level.

Luciana Andrews is an amazing woman of God. She is one of very few people that knows some of my personal thoughts and life experinces.  Luciana has helped me and advised me with all of my life trials that i have been through. There is so much more that i can say about her. Luciana because my friend over 15 years ago. She has always been willing to help in any way she can. Here we are 15 years later and she is coaching me through my ups and downs. She is usually my first call when i need that listening ear. Luciana is always encouraging and knows just what to say. She will forever be my coach and a very close friend. Thanks for Everything Luciana Andrews.

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