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  • Luciana Andrews

Beautifully Flawed

Today I want to encourage you to embrace your greatness, you are worth so much more than you will ever know. One thing you need to know is this, your mistakes don't define you and other people's opinion or perception of you doesn't matter when you know you have overcame the mistakes of your past. One thing I know for sure, rather you are doing good or bad there will be people who will talk about you but you can't allow that to stunt your growth....keep growing, push past the comments, push past the negativity feedback and continue to evolve. You are beautiful in your own right! embrace the scars of the past, embrace the scars of your now as well because like the last time you fell, you will get back up again and start all over again. I encourage you to grow through it not just go through it. You're worth it! Love you all and I mean it.

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